Thai Yoga Bodywork


Jivaka Kumar Bhacha

Just as the Yogic practice of Asana is intended to prepare the Yogi for deep and prolonged meditation, so too is the art of Thai Yoga Bodywork. 

It is said that Lord Buddha's physician, Jivaka Kumar Bhacha, developed the system for the monks of the original Sangha, back when The Buddha still walked the earth.  As Buddhism spread eastward, so did this practice, and as Buddhism became less popular in India, so did the accompanying bodywork practice.

Even as the Indian monk Padmasambhava and others brought Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet, which then returned to India last century, and even as the Indian monk Bodhidharma brought the practice which would come to be called Zen to the east, to see it return to India as the world became smaller, so too has this art, now known as Thai Yoga Bodywork, returned to India in a big way.